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 Duplex Ultrasound Evaluation

  • If the initial consultation reveals the need for further evaluation, the patient is scheduled for an Ultrasound study.
  • The Ultrasound is done in the office by Dr Hubach - who is a certified Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT). He maps out the venous system of the diseased leg, or legs, to find the location of the patient’s abnormal veins. He is then able to discuss a treatment plan, specific to that patient, at the time of the Ultrasound.
  • Holding the credential of an “RVT” shows that Dr Hubach has been tested in use of the Ultrasound and has passed the needed written exams to be certified. This is required by some insurance companies in order to reimburse for performing the ultrasound evaluation. Very few physicians hold this credential, the ultrasound is usually performed by a technician, not the physician themselves.

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